Can You Go To Church Without Worshipping?

Is it possible to go to church every Saturday or Sunday without worshipping the only living and true God?

Without hesitation, the answer is definitely yes.  

Some may ask, "Well, how is that possible?"  I go to church every weekend.  Great!  But, the question remains, "Is worship associated with a place?"   Is worship confined to the four walls of the local church?  Is worship simply the nice slow-tempo ballads that your choir or praise and worship team sings?

In Christ Jesus' discourse with a certain, unbelieving Samaritan woman at the well, the answer was clearly brought forth that God was not interested in the "externals" of worship (John 4:20-21).  Our Father is not interested in "the mountains nor Jerusalem" as noted during the discourse.  Our Most Holy God is only interested in the heart!  

As Pastor John Macarthur eloquently states, "Worship is an inner attitude and feeling of awe, reverence, gratitude and love toward God resulting from a realization of who He is and who we are."  Hence, worship cannot just happen for an hour on Sunday but must occur every day throughout the week.  

It begins by repenting of your sins and trusting in Jesus Christ as your Savior and LORD.  Thus, one must be saved to truly worship God.  True worship cannot occur, if you are odds with another person (Matt. 5:23-24).  God will not accept worship from believers who will not reconcile with one another.  How can one say that they worship God everyday, when they do not love their brother or sister?  

Worship will be our eternal joy and ceaseless activity in Heaven and in the New Earth to come.  Hence, it is essential that we begin practicing it now, in spirit and in truth.

It will be tragic for some to learn that their ritualistic and weekly liturgical activities are not what God is looking for.  One must be in right standing with God with a submitted heart and with love towards one another.  If not, then certainly, one can go to church weekend after weekend and never truly worship God.

Scripture(s):  John 4:20-24