Vinyl...Making It's Way Back. What's The Attraction?

Growing up with two wonderful parents who were avid lovers of Gospel, jazz and soul and who had tons of vinyl sitting in crates, it was certainly a joy growing up as a young boy in our house.  The nostalgic sentiments of sitting for hours listening to classic LPs from the likes of musical greats, such as Andrae Crouch, Mahalia Jackson, Al Green, John Coltrane, Luther Vandross, Aerosmith and Singers Unlimited would be the highlight of my day on many occasions.  Oh, how I missed those days!

Now, in such a refreshing way, it appears that vinyl has been making it’s way back.  Turntable sales have been up, folks have been dusting off their old turntables and replacing their phono cartridges, and vinyl sales have been increasing.

Surely, some people have asked, “What’s really going on?” In this hyper digital age, why is there such an interest in reverting back to older means of listening to music, especially amongst millennials?

According to Steve Guttenberg, when asked, millennials seem to be attracted to vinyl based on the “experience.”  In short, listening to the LPs gave them a certain “feel” that was not evident with digital mp3’s.  Ultimately, the beauty of the sound and the fact that listening to vinyl requires that one sits and listens has really appealed to millennials

In essence, these analog excursions of musical vibrations bring a certain peace and escape from the everyday madness of the current digital world.  It’s just the individual, their turntable and the vinyl.  What a beautiful picture, it is!