Vinyl...Making It's Way Back. What's The Attraction?

Growing up with two wonderful parents who were avid lovers of Gospel, jazz and soul and who had tons of vinyl sitting in crates, it was certainly a joy growing up as a young boy in our house.  The nostalgic sentiments of sitting for hours listening to classic LPs from the likes of musical greats, such as Andrae Crouch, Mahalia Jackson, Al Green, John Coltrane, Luther Vandross, Aerosmith and Singers Unlimited would be the highlight of my day on many occasions.  Oh, how I missed those days!

Now, in such a refreshing way, it appears that vinyl has been making it’s way back.  Turntable sales have been up, folks have been dusting off their old turntables and replacing their phono cartridges, and vinyl sales have been increasing.

Surely, some people have asked, “What’s really going on?” In this hyper digital age, why is there such an interest in reverting back to older means of listening to music, especially amongst millennials?

According to Steve Guttenberg, when asked, millennials seem to be attracted to vinyl based on the “experience.”  In short, listening to the LPs gave them a certain “feel” that was not evident with digital mp3’s.  Ultimately, the beauty of the sound and the fact that listening to vinyl requires that one sits and listens has really appealed to millennials

In essence, these analog excursions of musical vibrations bring a certain peace and escape from the everyday madness of the current digital world.  It’s just the individual, their turntable and the vinyl.  What a beautiful picture, it is!

5 Pedals for Playing Blues Guitar

As a young boy growing up in rural south Louisiana, one of the purest and visceral musical genres that I was exposed to was “The Blues.”  With blues being such an integral part of the area in which I was reared and the famous Delta region of Mississippi only being a couple hours away, I was exposed to some of the best musical expressions of raw emotion and inner strength.

Here is a great article from Soundfly on 5 great pedals for guitarists to add to their already massive pedal collection.  Even as a Gospel/Christian recording artist, these pedals are pretty rad.

Check them out at this hyperlink (credits and copyright belong to Soundfly):

Deeper Worship Newsletter - Vol. 1, Iss. 1

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Deeper Worship Newsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 1

Presidential History of Copyright

Interesting and good read from ASCAP on the Presidential history of copyright legislation from the first copyright act of 1790 under the auspice of President George Washington.

Other presidents who improve copyright laws during their tenures included Presidents Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt and Gerald Ford.

Copyright laws are extremely important to musicians, songwriters and composers.  It is important to understand the laws, as well as impending legislation such as the Register Bill, Music Modernization Act and the AMP Act.  

Read More:

Copyright:  ASCAP

#Deeper Testimony - August 8, 2017

We are so humbled by the testimony from our dear brother-in-Christ from Denver, CO!!!  May God continue to richly bless you and your family with all spiritual blessings and overflow in the name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!!!  Leave a comment sharing how God has taking you Deeper in your relationship with Him!!!

Brother Anthony, I felt compelled to send you this message after hearing your song “Deeper” yesterday evening on Kirk Franklin’s Praise channel on Sirius. As we were driving back to our hotel, my entire family (including my wife, 17 year old son and 22 year old daughter) were moved to tears as the spirit of God began to flow through your song. We all sensed the anointing of God over your entire band of singers and musicians. Without question, every voice, every musician and every instrument is anointed. During the last couple of years, our family has been through a lot and we are still healing. While listening to your song, I could feel the Holy Spirit continuing to pour out the healing oil on our family. Thank you all for being used as instruments of God. Your song has inspired me to share about the importance of going beyond the shallow waters that do not satisfy and going deeper in our relationship with God.
D.R. - Denver, CO

Famine in Ethiopia and East Africa


Please help us to pray for the salvation of the lost, unengaged and unreached people in Ethiopia.  May God draw them nigh to Him in the name of Jesus.  

Ethiopia and certain East African nations are also experiencing significant drought and famine to date.  Please help us to pray that God will redeem the affected nations from famine, drought, sickness, despair, etc. in the name of Jesus!!!

As Overcomers who have a heart for the people of God from every nation, tribe and tongue, we desire to pray at least every Monday for the salvation of the lost, unengaged and unreached across the globe.  Your help is needed!!!  Thank YOU!!!