Deeper Worship Newsletter - Vol. 1, Iss. 1

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Deeper Worship Newsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 1

Presidential History of Copyright

Interesting and good read from ASCAP on the Presidential history of copyright legislation from the first copyright act of 1790 under the auspice of President George Washington.

Other presidents who improve copyright laws during their tenures included Presidents Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt and Gerald Ford.

Copyright laws are extremely important to musicians, songwriters and composers.  It is important to understand the laws, as well as impending legislation such as the Register Bill, Music Modernization Act and the AMP Act.  

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Copyright:  ASCAP

Michael Jordan: A Man of Excellence

Congratulations to Michael Jordan- a man of true excellence, a living testament to hard work and practice and a man who has had to overcome a plethora of adversities- for receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom today.

Arguably the best player to ever step foot on the courts of the NBA, Jordan was the most spectacular, prolific and competitive athlete to play any sport.  Even if you were not a fan of the Chicago Bulls, you had to respect the greatest basketball player of all time as he dazzled all with his signature moves and dunks, multiple championships and Olympic accomplishments.

As President Obama jokingly stated, Jordan is more than "just a logo or an Internet meme...he is the symbol of excellence."  And, President Obama was correct...when one thinks about that one person in a niche or field that excels all others, the individual is typically called the "Michael Jordan of..."

Jordan is inspirational from so many perspectives, but I appreciate the fact that he worked incredibly hard to be the best player that he could possibly be...beyond his natural abilities.  

Similarly, God anoints His children to accomplish specific purposes and to complete specific tasks.  Still, like Jordan, it is imperative that we perfect that which concerns Him for His glory. 

Let us press forward with a spirit of excellence and strive for our eternal prize of residence with our Redeemer in Heaven.  How beautiful and excellent it will be to hear those humbling words from our Savior:  "Well done, my good and faithful servant."