Presidential History of Copyright

Interesting and good read from ASCAP on the Presidential history of copyright legislation from the first copyright act of 1790 under the auspice of President George Washington.

Other presidents who improve copyright laws during their tenures included Presidents Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt and Gerald Ford.

Copyright laws are extremely important to musicians, songwriters and composers.  It is important to understand the laws, as well as impending legislation such as the Register Bill, Music Modernization Act and the AMP Act.  

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Copyright:  ASCAP

Steph Curry Continues to Be a Beacon of Light

Steph Curry, the pure-shooting, unanimous MVP of the NBA, continues to shine his light to world. It is always refreshing to see a Kingdom man, whom God has given a large platform, give glory to God and exemplify the good news of Jesus Christ through action!!!

Curry, who is definitely not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not only has sneakers that references Philippians 4:13 but also has the most popular emoji in the iTunes store!!!  

Curry's emojis which are family-oriented is a direct reflection of his dedication as a Kingdom man, husband and father!!!  May God continue to extend His favor to Brother Curry and his family!!!

Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers Receive Two VOGMA Nominations


Billboard-charting contemporary Gospel and Christian ensemble recently received two nominations, NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR and CONTEMPORARY ALBUM OF THE YEAR, from the 2016 Voices of Gospel Music Awards (VOGMA).

You can vote up to 5 times per day.  Your prayers and support are appreciated!!!

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Is Bono Right About Christian Music Not Being Honest Enough?

Join Anthony Nelson of the The Overcomers, as he opines and explores a recent Huffington Post article that about the state of Christian music.

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